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  • Nasal congestion making your life difficult? Nasal congestion making your life difficult? When a simple cold, flu and/or allergic reaction leave you with a completely blocked nose, a little bit of topical gel in each nostril will do wonders to help you breathe easier! And there is a bonus: the gel will help in healing and moisturizing dry and irritated nostrils. Try it, it works!
  • PURE OR NOT? That is the question... PURE OR NOT? That is the question... Remember the famous 100% beef ad by a well known fast food chain? It was 100% pure beef in the burgers but only 50% of the burger was made of beef. Well, the same claim is often made where Aloe Vera gel is concerned. Low costing Aloe Vera gels on the market claim to be 99% pure Aloe but how much of this pure Aloe is really in the bottle? If Aloe does not appear as the first ingredient on the label, wonder why and be careful!
  • Really affordable body exfoliating cream... Really affordable body exfoliating cream... very easy to do : coarse salt, a few drops of grapefruit or orange essential oil, enough drinkable Aloe Vera gel to get a semi solid texture, mix together, apply on damp bodyskin and rub gently. Rince off in the shower and feel the new softness of your skin!
  • Juice or gel??? Juice or gel??? We use the juice daily, as a preventive measure to maintain a healthy digestive system thanks to the antioxidant action of Aloe Vera. And we keep the use of the drinkable gel for those times of digestive or intestinal upsets caused by acid-base imbalance.
  • THAT HURTS!!!!!! That hurts!!!!!! Ever burn the inside of your mouth while eating something right out of the oven? PAINFUL! Use the drinkable gel as a mouthwash, keeping it for a few minutes in your mouth and be amazed at how quickly the pain will diminish and how well the tissues heal. Aloe Vera working it’s magic once more.
  • Natural sore throat remedy for all Natural sore throat remedy for all Painful for adults and children alike, a sore throat can really get us down. Why not try gargling with Aloe Vera drinkable gel ? It will ease the pain and help soothe an itchy dry throat.
  • Little beauty hint... Little beauty hint... for those days when your face and neck are in deep need of tightening and firming, get a hold of a few drops of drinkable gel ( yes, you read well, the drinkable gel! ), smooth on your face, wait a couple of seconds and apply your moisturizer and/or make-up. Immediate facelift at very low cost!
  • Aloe vera for cats??? Aloe vera for cats??? Well, yes! Cats often cough up hairballs and almost choke trying to get them out. Help your darling pet by mixing ½ teaspoonful of drinkable Aloe Vera gel into his food at every meal and hairballs will become history. Puttycat will feel better and as a bonus his fur will be soft and silky.
  • Don't forget to clean the wound... Don't forget to
    clean the wound...
    Before applying first aid topical gel on an open wound, the skin must be free of dirt, for example gravel from a bicycle fall on the road. Aloe Vera penetrates skin really quickly which is why it so effective in healing but you need to make sure it penetrates the skin alone… without dirt and bacteria.
  • Cellulite control! Cellulite control! Thin or not, most women are prone to developing the orange peel effect caused by cellulite. Drinking Aloe Vera juice daily helps in reducing the swelling of fat tissues that produce dreaded "cottage cheese" looking skin. Eating fresh fruit and veggies, steering clear of fatty foods and being active is the best but Aloe juice is of great help too!
  • All a question of height and maturity All a question of height and maturity How tall are the Aloe Vera plants used to manufacture ALOEX products? Approximately 1 meter (± 3 feet ).

    And when are the plants mature and ready to be harvested? When they are about 3 to 4 years old.
  • As pure as it gets! As pure as it gets! Aloex Juices and Drinkable Gels: 0 sugar, 0 coloring agent, 0 gluten, 0 animal source ingredient.
    >98% certified organic Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller 1% food preservatives
  • Did you know? Did you know? Aloe Vera contains trace elements and minerals which help increase the absorption of proteins in your food.
  • Boron, calcium and Aloe Vera? Boron,calcium and
    Aloe Vera, really???
    Why is boron important? Naturally present in Aloe Vera, it minimizes the loss of calcium and better distributes it in your body.
  • Ouch! Sensitive gums Ouch! Sensitive gums What else can you do with Aloe Vera drinkable gel? Well, you can use it as a gargle to soothe sensitive gums and mouth ulcers.